How do I call to and from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you wish to make a call to B&H from abroad, you should dial +387 (the code for B&H) followed by the city code and telephone number (8-9 digits). For example: +387 33 123 456, where+387 is code for B&H, (0)33 – code for Sarajevo and 123 456 phone number.
If you want to call another country from B&H, then dial 00 followed by the country code and the telephone number. You can make calls from phone boxes. These cards available from kiosk or post.
If you wish to make national calls within B&H, just dial the city code and telephone number. This number should have 9-10 digits (3 for city code and 6-7 for phone number), regardless of whether it is a landline or mobile.
To use your mobile in B&H you should be aware that coverage here uses GSM technology, meaning that it is incompatible with some countries such as the USA or Japan. In this case you will need a tri-band mobile in order to call. If you have a compatible handset, you should get in touch with your mobile phone company to make sure that you can use your mobile in B&H (they will activate the international roaming service on your account).

How to send a letter, fax or telegram?

You can send letters from anywhere in B&H. To do so you should buy stamps, available at the kiosk and in the Post.
To send the letter or postcard you need to put it in a post box, to be found in the streets, or at the post. You can also leave it at your hotel’s reception for them to send, if they offer this service.
If you want to send a package, make a money transfer or send a telegram, then you should go to a branch of the post office (“BH Post”). These offices also offer fax and registered fax services. Faxes can also be sent from most hotels.

How can you go online and check your e-mails?

If you want to go online, you can head for any of a number of establishments which offer this service: public Internet rooms, cyber cafés, etc. You’ll also find Wi-Fi Internet connections in airports, railway stations, as well as in various shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and hotels.