Health and Safety

Do you need vaccinations to travel to B&H?

You do not need any vaccinations against illness to travel to B&H. As in any part of the world, it is advisable to have your anti-tetanus vaccination up to date if you are going to be in contact with nature and the countryside, as well as any other official vaccination program.
Under exceptional circumstances, the Bosnian authorities can ask travelers to undergo a medical examination to ensure that they are not suffering from any of the illnesses requiring quarantine listed in International Health Regulations.

Where should I call in the event of an emergency?

Dial 124 free of charge (valid throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Where do I buy my medication?

In B&H, medications are obtained at pharmacies. They are usually marked with a green cross. You will get your prescriptions from your doctor.

Where is smoking prohibited?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, smoking is not prohibited in all public areas. It is prohibited in public transportation vehicles and buses.
It is also not permitted to smoke in health facilities, any educational or training centres (except in outdoor spaces in universities and adult education centres) and indoor playgrounds or playing areas.
This prohibition does not apply to clubs, cafes, pubs and similar.
Hotels and similar establishments can book rooms for smokers.

Is B&H a safe country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is safe country.
As in any country, there are basic security measures to bear in mind…
Try not to walk around empty streets or poorly-lit areas, and avoid street gambling stalls. Try to carry only the money you need for any one excursion. Take care of your possessions in crowded places such as public transport or department stores. When relaxing in public places, keep valuable objects like mobile phones and cameras out of view.
Do not leave any visual objects in your car.
Do not forget advice from security experts: Prevention is the best cure for this kind of problem. If you need help you can contact the Police on 122.