What is the currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The currency is Convertible Mark. (1€ = 1,95583 KM)
It is divided into 100 fenings. The name derive from German Mark and Pfennig. Its ISO 4217 code is BAM, and is locally abbreviated KM.
There are seven different coins: 5, 10, 20, and 50 fenings, 1, 2 and 5 marks.
There are six different bank noted, for the following amount: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 KM.

Where can you change foreign currency?

Visitors can change foreign currency at any bank branch or foreign exchange bureau in major cities. This service is also available in most hotels and travel agencies.

How much money will you need for expenses during your stay?

The average prices for products and services can vary according to the province and the season. As a general guideline, below is a list of approximate prices for some services and products:
A single tram or bus ticket costs around 1.60 KM.
A beer may cost between 2KM and 6KM.
A cinema ticket costs between 4KM and 9 KM.
A theater ticket costs between 10KM and 20 KM.
A full breakfast –coffee, croissant or pastry, and juice– may vary between 4KM and 10KM depending on the establishment.
A daily set menu in a mid-range to inexpensive restaurant will cost around 10 – 15 KM. For à-la-carte dining, prices tend to start at around 15 KM, and in the case of mid-range establishments may be up to 40KM per person.
Hotels: 40-200KM per person, depends on number of *.

How else can I pay?

With credit cards:
Payment using recognized international credit cards is also commonly available in Bosnian shops. They usually have signs indicating this option at the entrance to the establishment. When you make a payment you should show your passport or ID card.
You can’t pay with credit cards in taxi.

Is tipping mandatory?

No. In every single establishment in B&H, service is included with the price of the meal or drink. However, tipping is a common practice at bars and restaurants, hotels, and taxis, depending on the total price for the service, and on the generosity of the client.