The lodges have names of different cities in Herzegovina received. In every city there is a special bond apartment Konjic – birthplace of the initiators and the place where the region Herzegovina officially begins, stay Jablanica – town known for the most important victory of Tito in the II World War, Mostar – the city where Goga and Elmir married, holiday Pocitelj – an artists’ village, lodge Stolac – architecturally one of the most beautiful towns of residence and Hercegovina Trebinje – city of the sun and plane Blagaj, with its ancient Islamic monastery Dervisj.. But more importantly, “Hercegovina Lodges’ is a place where everyone is welcome, where borders do not exist and where guests feel at home.

In total, more than twenty people can be received. Simultaneously complex ‘Herzegovina Lodges’ The cottages are rented individually or in group-booking the whole house can be booked.

Because the houses on a hill standing on the ground quite a lot of stairs there. Instead of the gym or visiting a gym is sufficient here a few times up and run downstairs. In each apartment there is a terrace with garden, fruit trees along the region (plums, apples, pears and cherries) are implanted. On the terraces you can enjoy reading in peace and enjoy the stunning greenery and the magnificent surroundings. There are several places on the site where you can lie in a hammock to take some time for yourself. Delicious

Underneath the ground in the outdoor kitchen is also a lounge place: lots of pillows, tables, lamps. As various activities can be organized as lectures, discussions, presentations of books and exhibitions. And on request also various workshops.