Timetables and Holidays

What’s the time in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The time zone in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 1 hour in winter and + 2 hours in summer.
Bosnia and Herzegovina changes its time between summer and winter for daylight saving. This means that the last weekend in October the clocks go back 1 hour (at 3am it is 2am) and the last weekend in March they go forward 1 hour (at 2am it is 3am).

When are the stores open?

The most usual business hours are from Monday-Saturday, from 9AM to 8PM. Major shopping centers and department stores are open all day from 10AM to 9PM or 10PM. The main department stores and shopping centers also open their doors to the public on Sundays. Some of the small shops with mixed goods are open until 2AM.
What’s more, in a number of cities opening hours are unregulated, and shoppers thus have a wider range of opening hours.

When are the national public holidays in B&H?

Certain dates are public holidays in B&H, and they can be national, regional or local.
1 January – New Year’s Day
1 March – Independent Day
1 May – International Labour Day
25. November – Statehood Day
Christmas, Eid and religious holidays are celebrated locally.