Exploring trip through Bosnia

Bosnia is an undiscovered adventure play ground. The country has a wealth to offer – age old cultures, stunning mountain landscapes and hiking trails and beautiful, historic towns and cities. The most easterly point of the West and the most westerly point of the East bear the mark of two great empires. Dominated by the Turks and then briefly by the Austria-Hungarians, their influence permeates the culture and architecture of this land.

1. Day 

Arrival to Sarajevo Airport
Transfer to hotel
Lunch or Dinner at hotel
Free time

2. Day
City tour with guide through old part Baščaršija, including all important places like:
Gazi Husrev Bay Mosque, Old orthodox church, Cathedral, Jewish synagogue, Svrzo House, Morića han, Sebilj, Latin bridge, Markale place, story about the last war, historical  facts and more…
After the city walk we will take a panoramic tour of city, where you can make some pictures
Lunch in traditional Bosnian restaurant
We continue our tour through the town with van, direction Ilidža where you will visit Tunnel museum, the war museum which was used to help Bosnian army’s and citizens to survive
Free walk in nature park “Bosna river spring”
Overnight in Sarajevo

3. Day
Drive to the Olympic mountain Bjelašnica and visiting of one typical Bosnian village Lukomir, which sits at an altitude of 1,495 m .Supported by professional guide, 3- 4 hours walk in greens.
Lunch in the ski resort Bjelašnica in halal restaurant “Han”
Overnight in Sarajevo

4. Day
Drive to Mostar 2,5 hours by van from Sarajevo
City tour of Mostar , visiting of all important cultural and historical places like:
Koradji Bay Mosque, Kujundziluk Street, Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, Old town with old bridge, River Neretva, Bišćeviča house and more…
Tekija na Buni – Dervish house
Blagaj, a small town located 12km south of Mostar, is a particular highlight of any tour to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The main attraction here is the tekija (a Dervish monastery) which has been built at the base of a 200m cliff wall at the powerful source of the Buna River. Constructed under orders from the ruling sultan in the 16th century, the tekija contains Ottoman and Mediterranean elements in its architecture and is considered a national monument. Atop the Blagaj cliffs you will find the ancient fortress of Herceg Stjepan who ruled Herzegovina in the middle ages. Its position provides great views of the Neretva Valley and is an ideal picnic spot.
Lunch in fish restaurant in Blagaj
After lunch we drive direction Počitelj
Počitelj is a picturesque and charming medieval town located just a half-hour drive from Mostar, making it easily accessible for a short daytrip.Highlights here include the stunning Sahat Kula fort which towers over the town, the gleaming Dadzi-Alija Mosque and Sisman-Ibrahimpasha’s Madrasa, and the Gavran Kapetanovic House.
Overnight in Mostar

5. Day
Option 1. Shopping day in Mostar ( Mepas Mall Centre)
Option 2. Rafting on river Neretva with barbecue
Drive direction mountain Vlašić
Overnight in Vlašić

6. Day
Free activities in hotel or mountain Vlašić
Vlašić is a mountain in the very center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its peak is called Vlašićka Gromila and has an elevation of 1,969 meters above sea level. The mountain is a major center for winter tourism due to its excellent accommodation for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. It is also a popular destination for summer and eco tourism with many hiking trails and undisturbed wilderness areas.
Hotel Blanca Resort Spa***** offers you: wellness centre, massage, indoor swimming pool, play grounds for children, riding a horses, biking …
Overnight in Vlašić

7.  Day
Drive to Travnik and city tour with guide
The small, historical city of Travnik is situated at Bosnia’s geographical heart on the Lašva River and flanked by the imposing mountains of Vlasic to the north and Vilenica to the south. This favorable geographic position saw it become residence of early Ottoman rulers whose influence on the city’s culture and heritage is still evident today. The ancient fortress which defended the city for centuries still dominates the cityscape, while the 15th century Old Town area is remarkably well preserved with its oriental homes, Colored mosque, two clock towers, fountains, Ivo Andrić museum, Plava voda …
Lunch on the Plava voda and free time in town
Overnight in Vlašić

8. Day
Drive to Jajce city and guided tour of town
Jajce nevertheless boasts a rich cultural and architectural heritage that belies its small size, with a magnificent, hilltop citadel looming over a spiral of old Ottoman homes and other historic buildings such as a 3rd century Roman temple and the medieval St Luke’s Church which stands above the town’s catacombs. Jajce is also famed for the spectacular high waterfalls which gush over a 20 meter high drop where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas
Lunch on the Plivsko Lake in very nice natural surrounding and halal restaurant “ Plivsko jezero”
Overnight in Vlašić

9. Day
Drive direction medieval place Kraljeva Sutjeska, cca. 2 hours drive from Vlašić Mountain
This trip will be the whole day trip with domestic guide .We will visit Catholic Franciscan monastery from 14th century. Then we will take 1,5 hour walk through nice wood to Bobovac, the residency of the Bosnian kings during medieval times and the site of the mausoleum of the royals and remnants of the Kotromanić dynasty castle. After Bobovac we will see Bosnian house with the original architecture from the 18th century and Mehmed II Fatih mosque from 15th century, which is claimed to be the oldest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Homemade lunch with typical Bosnia cuisine, drinks and sweets.
Overnight in Sarajevo

10. Day
Sarajevo free day& shopping day.
Our city offers you modern shopping malls like BBI and Alta, than the Ferhadija and Maršala Tita shopping area streets, with international trade marks.
Old part of town Baščaršija
Overnight in Sarajevo

11. Day
We drive direction hunting ground Bijele vode which is 69 km away from Sarajevo.
Hunting ground Bijele Vode is in southeastern part of BiH. It is mountain hunting ground with varied relief, that is perfect place for different kinds of hunting game. All area is extremely water rich. And all hunting field is equipped.
Hunting touristic center Bijele vode it is perfect place for rest and recreation. During the summer season swimming pool is available for all of our guests. Because of their location Bijele Vode are perfect place for the relaxation. They offer you small fields for football, handball and volleyball.
Very friendly for families with children!
Overnight in Bijele vode

12. Day
Optional excursion 1.Hunting in Bijele vode( navesti sta se lovi u ovom periodu I satnice)
Optional excursion 2 .Rafting on the wood boat 22 km long route on the river Drina .On the boat can seat maximum 12 persons. Food (barbecue) and drinks are included in the price.
Drive back to Sarajevo with overnight

13. Day
We take you to discovery trip of Bijambare cave which is 40 min. drive from Sarajevo.
There are five caves located in three horizons, in a pretty small area. One of these caves is especially popular- the Bijambare cave, which has been a popular tourist spot and a speleological site for a long time. The cave is 420 m long (basic direction without individual branches), with four halls with rich ornaments of all known creation forms: lateral blocks, stalactites, casts, stalagmites and curtains. The fourth hall is the biggest (around 60 m in diameter and 15–30 m in height). It is also called the “music hall” for its acoustic effects.
The cave is surrounded with lots of greens, walking paths and children play ground.
Lunch in Etno village “Begovo” homemade cuisine
Overnight in Sarajevo

14. Day
Transfer to the airport
Departure from Sarajevo Airport

Trip includes

  • 6 Nights in Sarajevo, in 4**** hotel with half board service
  • 4 Nights in Vlašić Mountain, in 5 ***** hotel with Spa resort
  • 1 Night in Mostar in 4**** hotel with half board service
  • 1 Night in Bijele vode – hunting ground with motel / bungalows with half board service

Guided city tours

  • Sarajevo old part, mosques, churches and museums
  • Mostar with Old Bridge, Tekke on river Buna in Blagaj , Počitelj
  • Travnik , small historical town with oriental homes, Colored mosque and Fortress
  • Jajce, old medieval town with rich cultural and architectural heritage , famous for its spectacular high waterfall and Underground church
  • Kraljeva Sutjeska , medivial place and residency of Bosnian kings

Outdoor places

  • Old Bosnian village Lukomir
  • Nature Park “Vrelo Bosne”
  • Free activities on Vlašić mountain & Spa treatments
  • Bijambare Cave
  • Rafting on River Neretva
  • Hunting and free activities in Bijele vode

Free time

  • Shopping tour in Sarajevo and Mostar
  • Enjoy bosnian meals in best traditional restaurants & Dinners with entertainment
  • Entertainment for children
  • Services of transportation
  • Possibilities to practice religious rites