Lukomir Highland Village Walk

Lukomir is a mountainous village that is located on the southern slopes of Bjelašnica at 1495 meters above sea level, making it the highest populated area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one over 1300 m.

Visit Bosnia’a highest and isolated mountain village at 1,469 metres above sea level. The medieval traditional lifestyles of the Dinaric highlanders are still practiced here, providing unique window into Europe’s ancient past. Traditional dress, the occasional turban and fez are still worn and go hand-in-hand without the conveniences of modern everyday life such as electricity and running water.
After an hour a half drive through Bjelasnica’s hinterlands we arrive in Lukomir, Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village at 1,469m high. At the edge of the village you will be treated with a rare view of Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below, and the neighbouring Obalj and Visocica Mountains. You will be introduced to the villagers and their fascinating lifestyles. It is a truly unique opportunity to find out firsthand from the villagers how they live in this beautiful but difficult environment.
After a short walk through the village, we hike along Obalj’s side to the 40m Peruće Waterfall. After cooling ourselves off at Peruce we return to Gornji(upper) Lukomir for a traditional homemade lunch prepared by our hosts or a picnic lunch on the green grass. At the end off the day you will also be presented with an opportunity to see and, or, purchase local handcraft.
The total hiking time is 3 hours and is of medium difficulty.
What to Bring: Hiking bookts are recommended or sturdy walking shoes, a day pick, one liter of water, rain gear, sun hat, sunscreen and a camera.
What is included: Transport to and from Sarajevo, coffee and, or, tea, lunch and snacks, a fully-equipped and experienced quide.
We can also organize at 7 hours circular hike around Lukomir for those of you interested in seeing several villages and the Rakitnica Canyon.

Price is based on a minimum of 5 participants.
Individual guests can join an existing group.

Feasibility period: May – October