Sutjeska National Park Hike

Peek into the scenic canyon of Sutjeska

The National Park is a treasure chest of wildlife and a large number of endemic plants. The park also has located within it Maglic, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highest peak, named after the thick fog that often surrounds its rocky summit.
The trek involves exploring the Sutjeska National Park. After a two hour drive from Sarajevo, the group will arrive at the deep and picturesque canyon of Sutjeska River, then head towards Dragoš Saddle to take a peek at the Skakavac waterfall deep in Perućica’s Valley. The participants will walk around the forest; thick and teeming with endemic flora, and move on to Prijevor for more incredible views of this majestic park – ringed by the towering Maglić, Zelengora and Volujak. Many have compared the experience to Yellowstone National Park. At the edge of the forest the group will descend towards the Glacier Lake Trnovačko, which is encircled by rocky peaks 1,500 metres high. Weather permitting, participants may enjoy a swim and tasty lunch surrounded by the majesty of Bosnia’s highest peaks. After lunch, the group will head back to civilisation under the glow of the setting sun above Zelengora and Maglić.
The total hiking time is three to four hours at a low to medium level of difficulty.

What to bring: hiking boots are recommended or sturdy walking shoes, a day pack, one liter of water, rain gear, swimming gear, a sun hat, sunscreen and a camera.

What is included: transport to and from Sarajevo, coffee and/ or tea, lunch and snacks, a fully- equipped and experienced guide and admission to the National Park.

-Price is based on a minimum of 5 participants.
-Individual guests can join an existing group.

Feasibility period: May – October