Insider Walks

In addition to walking the streets of crafts, visiting only caravanserai in the Balkans, yard Bey Mosque and many more, meet interesting story about Sarajevo.

This 120 minute tour will introduce you to the very interesring history of this city and its inhabitants. Learn the story of the city’s founding and its growth.

Tour highlights

  • Hotel Europe
  • Sarajevo Assassination 1914
  • Emperor’s Mosque
  • Town Hall/National Library
  • Kazandziluk street
  • Bascarsija/Market place
  • Morica han
  • Ghazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque
  • Synagogue
  • Cathedral of the Holly Hearth of Jesus
  • Synod Orthodox Church

Tour duration 2,0 hours hrs

Minimum two persons

Tour available throughout the year