Sarajevo Grand Tour

As the name implies – Grand Tour will enable you to discover some details on this interesting city. Learn about the legends, customs, conspiracies as well as the secret side to Sarajevo.

Grand Tour is quite similar to the Downtown tour, but only at the first glance. In this tour you will discover the places and customs unique to this part of the world. At the beginning we see a renovated Hotel Europe and the remnants of the old caravan-sarai. After that, we go to a place that is regarded as one of the three synonyms for the city of Sarajevo – Sarajevo assassination of 1914. We will continue walking on the opposite bank of the river Miljacka and go to the Emperor’s mosque where the place of Sarajevo’s beginning is placed.

Afterwards we will visit the church and convent of St. Anthony, and then leisurely walk along the picturesque mahala Alifakovac and come to the cemetery with the same name, which offers superb views of the Old Town Hall, the Olympic Trebevic, a number of quarters, remains of ancient fortresses, Jajce Barracks, Sarajevo brewery, and other sights. After that we go back on the right side of the Miljacka and enter the commercial part of town – the bazaar. Here we are walking through the craft of the street, and we will introduce the old crafts and traditions of the business to you.

The main square is the place where you can drink water from fountains not to ever forget this city. We continue our tour to Svrzo’s house where you will be familiar with the way of life during the Ottoman period in Bosnia. After that we will reach The Old Orthodox church, in the opinion of many, the most beautiful in the region. Plan a break at the only caravanserai in the Balkans, where you can try genuine Bosnian coffee. We will visit the Bey’s Mosque and hear the story about the most important man of the city of Sarajevo – Gazi Husrev bey. We will Walk to the Jewish quarter and the Old Synagogue, after which we will visit the Cathedral of St. Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This tour ends with a visit to the greengrocer’s market Markale, the site where, during the siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995, two largest massacres took place.

Tour highlights

  • Church of Sv. Anthony
  • Cemetery Alifakovac
  • Short break- Bosnian coffey
  • Old Orthodox Church
  • Svrzo’s House
  • Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque
  • Market Markale
  • Covered market “Trznica”

Duration: 3 hrs

Minimum 2 persons

Tour available throughout the year