Times of Missfortune

Learn the answers to the questions when and why it began, when all was finished, how are things today, and what to expect?This is a tour that coves the years of hardship and the dark history of this city and its citizens. Find out the truth on the largest siege of the 20th century in the hearth of Europe. Find out the answers to: When and why did it all begun? How did it all end? What is it like now and what can we hope for?

Tour highlights

  • National library (Vijećnica)
  • Markale market
  • Presidency
  • Cemeteries “Lav” and “Bare”
  • Olympic Sports Hall Zatra and Stadium Kosevo
  • Paediatrics Clinic
  • Parliament
  • Sniper Alley
  • Building of radio – television
  • Building of daily news paper “Oslobođenje”
  • Museum “Tunnel”
  • Republic of Srpska Entity
  • Jewish cemetery (panorama)
  • Old town (panoramic view with binnacles)

Duration: 2,5 hrs

Minimum : 2 persons

Tour available throughout the year