Tour of Tito’s Bunker

Bunker was named after Marshal Tito. It was built in the seventies in Bosnia during the Yugoslavia time. For many years the bunker was a total secret to the whole world – only few people knew about it.

Permission to enter the bunker, as a duty, had only four high generals of the former Yugoslav People’s Army.

Works on it lasted 26 years and were conducted in the strictest secrecy. Bunker Tito is about 20 000 square meters large, it has 100 rooms, offices and conference rooms. The shelter has no moisture and the temperature is maintained at a level between 21 and 23 Celsius degrees. The furniture is made of sterling Slavonian oak, but Tito’s personal office is made of walnut. Joinery and carpentry installations were made of aluminum and PVC.

Underground City near Konjic was made for Tito, Jovanka and military and political leadership of Yugoslavia, and could withstand an atomic explosion of 25 kilotons. By comparison, the Hiroshima was hit by “only” two to three kilotons.

The shelter consists of three major parts. Presidential block is the most interesting part. Beside being made of quality materials, this block reveals another secret. And that is, that the office of Josip Broz was directly associated with room of first lady, Jovanka, who was the only one that could reach Tito without announcement. In cases when Prime Minister wants to come to Tito’s office, he has to announce to Jovanka first, and pass through her room. Of source, there was another way to enter Tito’s office – through room of his secretary.

If there would be a war, political and military leadership, headed by Tito, from this bunker could manage the operations of war. This place can still serve its purpose if it is equipped with food. By its size it can accommodate 350 people that could live in six months without contact with the outside world, because they are equipped with purification systems, water tanks and food supplies.

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