Picking Mandarins at the mouth of the Neretva

The program consists of reaching the tangerine orchard with welcome domestic grapes and dried figs, picking mandarins and photo safari.Once you experience the Neretva you will want to come back as many before you!

During the harvest everybody will get a plastic bag for picked mandarins .During whole harvest you will be supported by live music.After picking we continue with photo safari through delta of river Neretva.

Upon completion of the photo safari we organize lunch in the hotel
restaurant with musical accompaniment, entertainment and dancing.


The trip includes:

• Welcome with dried figs, grapa  and homemade music escort

• Driving through the channells and backwaters Neretva swamps

• Visit and harvesting of plantation madarina

• Lunch in the hotel restaurant with a choice menu:

– Pasta beans

– Home-baked bread

– 0.25 l wine / water