Roundtrip for 8 days through natural beauties of Bosnia

The natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found in both its people and its land. Travelers to Bosnia and Herzegovina have always been touched by its pristine beauty, its untouched wilderness and its friendly hosts
To many people Bosnia and Herzegovina is an unknown land, tucked below the towering peaks of the central Dinaric Alps. Few are aware of its stunning beauty, pristine nature, unrivaled hospitality, and abundant rivers and natural springs. BiH’s unique geographically positioning lends itself to warm Mediterranean weather in the south and cooler continental temperatures in the Alpine North, providing nature lovers with a wide array of landscapes, flora and fauna, and thrilling outdoor activities.

1.  Arrival Sarajevo

Arrival to Sarajevo Airport

Transfer to Hotel

Free time

Overnight in Sarajevo

2. Sarajevo &Spring of river Bosna

We will show you the unique places and customs of this part of the world. Our first stop will be the spot of the Sarajevo Assassination of 1914 – which is one of the three events most commonly associated with the city. We will continue our walk on the other bank of r. Miljacka and get to the Emperor’s Mosque, which is near the place where Sarajevo was founded. We will also visit the Church and St. Anton’s Convent. Afterwards, we will walk through the picturesque neighborhood Alifakovac where we will visit the cemetery of the same name. Here there are beautiful panoramic views over the Old Town, the Town Hall, the Olympic mountain Trebevic, small quarters, and the remains of the ancient fortresses, the Jajce Barracks, the Sarajevo Brewery and other sites. After that we will come back to the right bank of the r. Miljacka and enter the business part of the city – carsija. In the main square you can drink tap water from the fountain which it is said will ensure you will never forget Sarajevo. Our next stop will be the Svrzo’s House where you can find out more about the lifestyle during the Ottoman rule in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Then we’ll visit the Old Orthodox Church, according to many one of the most beautiful orthodox churches in this area. Here we take a break in the only caravan-saray in the Balkans where you can try our unique Bosnian coffee. We will visit Ghazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque and hear the story about the most important man in the history of Sarajevo – Ghazi Husrev Bey. The walk then continues towards the Jewish Quarter, the Old Jewish Temple and Sarajevo’s Catholic Cathedral. Finally, it ends with a visit to the green marketplace Markale, known for the two deadliest massacres during the siege of Sarajevo.

We continue our tour through the town with van, direction Ilidža where you will visit Tunnel museum, the war museum which was used to help Bosnian army’s and citizens to survive

Free walk in nature park “Bosna river spring”

Overnight in Sarajevo

3. Skakavac Waterfall

Just a few minute drive from the center of Sarajevo, surrounded by the untouched nature, at 980 m above sea level one encounters the longest continuous waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The hike starts from the slopes beneath the seven wells that form the waterfall and continues down the mountain path to its base. Enjoy the breathtaking sights and get ready for some sudden natural refreshment.

Overnight in Sarajevo

4. Bjelašnica &Lukomir

Visit the highest and most isolated mountainous village in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is situated 1.500 m above sea level. The traditional medieval way of life of the Dinaric highlanders is still practiced here. Here, local women still wear the traditional folk attire the same as they used to wear centuries ago, and the village itself is known for its stone houses covered with cherry tree shingles.

Lunch in the ski resort Bjelašnica in halal restaurant “Han”

Possibilities to drive with quad bikes on the mountain

Overnight in Sarajevo

5. Kravice Waterfall & Blagaj

Among the most fascinating naturalistic features of this region are the sparkling waterfalls of Kravice, about 40 km from Mostar. The waters of the Trebižat River branch out, cascading from the tuff walls from a height of 30 meters, and they form a natural amphitheater, 150-metre wide, creating spectacular effects that bring to mind, even if in a more modest dimension, the imposing Niagara waterfalls.

Blagaj, a small town located 12km south of Mostar, is a particular highlight of any tour to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The main attraction here is the tekija (a Dervish monastery) which has been built at the base of a 200m cliff wall at the powerful source of the Buna River. Constructed under orders from the ruling sultan in the 16th century, the tekija contains Ottoman and Mediterranean elements in its architecture and is considered a national monument. Atop the Blagaj cliffs you will find the ancient fortress of Herceg Stjepan who ruled Herzegovina in the middle ages. Its position provides great views of the Neretva Valley and is an ideal picnic spot.

Overnight in Sarajevo

6. Bijambare Cave

We take you to discovery trip of Bijambare cave which is 40 min. drive   from Sarajevo.

There are five caves located in three horizons, in a pretty small area. One of these caves is especially popular- the Bijambare cave, which has been a popular tourist spot and a speleological site for a long time. The cave is 420 m long (basic direction without individual branches), with four halls with rich ornaments of all known creation forms: lateral blocks, stalactites, casts, stalagmites and curtains. The fourth hall is the biggest (around 60 m in diameter and 15–30 m in height). It is also called the “music hall” for its acoustic effects.

The cave is surrounded with lots of greens, walking paths and children play ground.

Overnight in Sarajevo

7. Free day & Shopping

Sarajevo free day& shopping day.

 Our city offers you modern shopping malls like BBI and Alta, than the Ferhadija and Maršala Tita shopping area streets, with international trade marks.

Overnight in Sarajevo

8. Departure

Trip includes:

  7 Nights in Sarajevo, in 4**** or 5***** hotel

Guided city tours of Sarajevo and Mostar

Outdoor trips:

    Bjelašnica mountain with old Bosnian village Lukomir
    Nature Park “Vrelo Bosne”
    Bijambare Cave
    Kravice Waterfall
    Skakavac Waterfall

Other services:
Arabian speaking guide and support
    Shopping tour in Sarajevo
    Enjoy Bosnian meals in best traditional restaurants & Dinners with entertainment
    Services of transportation